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Our Programs

Diverse Learning Environments



Our Infant Program sets its pace around the needs and unique differences of each child.


We understand how difficult it is to be away from your baby during the day. We could never replace you, but we will nurture your infant in a loving, parent-like way. We go above and beyond to provide infants confidence and security. 

Our Infant Program does not follow a set schedule, because we believe babies should eat and sleep when needed.



Toddlers especially learn best through play.  At The Sitter, they follow a schedule of learning, eating and naptime. They are starting to learn independence. 

Toddlers are active explorers - eager to try new things and use materials in different ways. Toddlers are working on becoming autonomous. Our teachers respect this and allow for opportunities for each child to be independent, responsible and to make choices.

Our teachers create and adapts the environment and activities to meet the children’s changing needs from day to day.

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In this class, we introduce colors, numbers and letters. Potty training also begins, along with a focus on sounds, love of reading, and fine motor skills (hands-on activities like block building).

At this age, our curriculum focuses on shapes, numbers, and colors, as well as an introduction to Spanish, storytime, and sing-along.


Pre-K4 - Kindergarten

Kindergarten readiness is key! Children learn how to write their names and tie their shoes. They memorize their address and phone number and develop respect for each other. They continue learning Spanish
(which we start teaching at age 3) and work through the Virginia Beach kindergarten transition checklist.


Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp Program is full of fun activities and lots of fields trips. Every Friday is water play! We also typically visit the Virginia Aquarium, the Children's Museum, parks and the bowling alley.

A big part of our summer school-age program is that we work with them academically over the summer so they don't lose those important readiness skills.

Before / After Care

Our Before/After-School Program encourages and provides homework assistance—parents only need to check the homework when they get home! We have computers available to assist with online assignments, work on respecting each other, and teach life skills including self-discipline and

For Before and After-School Care, we provide transportation to the following elementary schools: Brookwood, Green Run, Holland, Lynnhaven, Parkway, Rosemont, Windsor Oaks, Windsor Woods and White Oaks.

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Summer Camp


Children learn the fundamentals of art — color, line, shape, form, and texture — by painting and drawing, making collages and three-dimensional objects, and talking about their work


Music teaches the body and the mind to work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words and social activity.


Movement activities such as games, actions or activities of any kind that work on building gross motor skills.


Introduction of Spanish - age 3yrs

Continuation of Spanish
in upper age levels


Basic math for preschoolers incorporates outlining of shapes, sorting, patterning, counting, and collecting.

Outside Play

Developing social skills and friendships while having fun and exercise.

Fun & Creativity at The Sitter, Inc.

Sample Daily 3-year-old Class Schedule 
(All other grades follow similar schedules)

6:00-7:30        Meet and Greet

7:30-8:30        Breakfast

9:00-9:30        Group learning time
                   (colors, shapes, numbers, story time, sing along)

9:30-10:00      Table toys, puzzles, Legos

10:00-10:30     Free play/Open centers

10:30-11:00     Outside play

11:00-11:30     Potty break/ready for lunch

11:30-11:45     Lunch

11:45-1:30      Nap

1:45-2:00       Snack

2:00-2:45       Art

2:45-3:00       Outside play

3:30-Closing     Free play/Open centers/Organized games

Sample Class Schedule

Child Care &
Before/After School Care

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